If you want to enjoy and to be relax in your wedding day, if you don´t want your guests, family members to be involved this day, if you want to be all under control, OLEventos will do them for you in situ (from very early, before the ceremony to the end of the first dance) in order all things are perfect after so much work.

You and your partner will be with profesionals with a lot of experience who organize every details, they are well-prepared and supervise all aspect in order to check where, when every part of the event has to happen.

Our work doesn´t  start the day “B”, instead moths before.  We get in touch with all the suppliers and close to all the contracts in advance to detect posible problem and solve them before the day “B” because there aren´t second opportunities, you only have to enjoy we do the rest.

How do you imagine your wedding day, your celebration?

The decoration, details, environment, combination of colors, lights, smells are essential to make your event only one and unforgettable.

We help you to make your dreams come true, we adapt to your style, we créate all the details and we use our imagination which is always in movement.

We decorate the space with a great amount of elements: an original setting plan, a welcome table with orange or lemon juice , a chic space where people can be relax and drink a delicious coctel…

All these spaces give a chic or special atmosphere which make your event has the style you want such as toscana, vintage, barroc, romantic, minimalist…

We Always look for innovation, originality and an unbeliavable decoration which make you and your guests fell confortable and warm.

We design, make, organice spaces full of personality, style and harmony. We adapt to your taste and Budget.

We make your dreams come true



Si quieres trabajar con nosotros, envíanos tu CV o accede a nuestro apartado de Contacto.

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